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Double Dragon | Taiwan Round Pork Sausage Garlic Flavor (S)

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Double Dragon Taiwan Round Pork Sausage Garlic Flavor small pack (180g+/-) with around 15 pieces of sausages per pack. Double Dragon is the most reliable Taiwanese sausage brand in town, it can’t go wrong with this tasty Pork Sausage with a hint of garlic flavour. This type of pork sausage is best to serve with Steamboat, Barbeque, Fried or Grilled, Picnic and even Snack. Non-Halal.


BrandDouble Dragon
Specification±15 pieces per pack, small pack
Weight/Carton180g x 20 pkt
Halal CertifiedNon-Halal

Cooking Method

Preparing the sausage is not difficult. You can boil or grill, depending on your preference. Make sure to defrost it before cooking.


1. Boil water.

2. Put in sausage and boil for around 5 minutes, and it's ready.

3. It is prevalent to serve with steamboat while using this method.


1. Heat pan to medium-high heat, put a little bit of cooking oil.

2. Put in sausage and grill around 2 to 3 minutes on every side until it is heated.

3. Serves while it's hot.

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