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Premium French Brown Crab

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Brown Crab ~ 800g - 1kg is caught freshly from the North Sea and immediately cooked, vacuum packed and instance, quick freezing (IQF) to retain the crab meat's freshness and sweet flavour. Moreover, the unique part of our Brown Crab are female and carrying with Crab Roe, which is bright, orange and gooey look. It's super edible and delicious to eat. If you are a seafood lover, must try you won't regret it!


BrandNo Brand
Specification700 - 900g per piece
OriginNorth Sea
Halal CertifiedMuslim-Friendly

Cooking Method

Our Brown Crab is cooked on board to retain its freshness. Be sure not to overcook when you are preparing. One of the easiest ways is to steam or boil it. The directions are as follows:

1. Use the low-temperature thawing method to defrost. Make sure it fully defrosts before cooking.

2. Boil water with a pot which able to fit in the Brown Crab.

3. After boiling the water and place the Brown Crab with a plate and lower the temperature to medium heat to steam it.

4. Let it cooked for 3 - 5 minutes. "Be sure not to overcook." 

5. The crab is now ready to serve.

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