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[Best Value] Premium Chilean Cod Fish Stick 1 kg+/- 4pcs

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Chilean Cod Fish comes from the finest Chilean Cod species. Caught and process on board to retain its freshness. It is the best species sold in the market, rich in nutrition and has a scent of omega 3 fatty acids.


BrandNo Brand
Specification1kg+/- (4pcs) 
Weightdepend on Selection
Halal CertifiedMuslim-Friendly

Cooking Method

Cod Fish are full of nutritious factor and is easily prepare due to the natural omega 3 fatty acids smells. Just a little bit of seasoning, and it's good to go. It can be bake or steam. Many prefer steam as it is easy and don't make much mess in the kitchen. Here are 1 of the ways:

1. Defrost using the low-temperature thawing method.

2. Place Cod Fish on a plate, slice some ginger and place it on top.

3. You may also season it with a little bit of salt, depending on your preference.

4. After the water starts to boil, put in codfish and steam for around 5 to 10 minutes, depending on size.

5. Remove from steamer, dress it with scallion and soy sauce.

6. The fish is ready to serve.

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