Beyond Fresh Food has offered the best in frozen food since 2020—we can proudly say that we are one of the Best Online Frozen Foods in Penang and even Malaysia. We aimed to provide premium frozen food, brilliant service, and competitive price for our customers. Get the best in variety seafood, steamboat ingredients, easy-cook meals, and our favourite brands delivered to your home or office.


In Beyond Fresh Foods, we believe food didn't just fill a person's belly. We believe food can bring laughter and warmth to our customers, so we take our product quality seriously to provide peace of mind for our customers while enjoying our product. By doing so, we are committed to adopting standard frozen foods to serving and providing our customers. The process is strictly monitored from packaging to delivering to the customers' doorstep and retaining our product's freshness. Since our establishment, we strive to put food on millions of plates. That's why we committed to providing various frozen food products in our company. Providing our customers with various choices and at the same time providing a solution for our business partner.

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