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Chicken Lor Bak (Crispy Five Spice Chicken Rolls) 10 Rolls

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Chicken Lor Bak (500g+/-), which also known as Crispy Five Spice Chicken Rolls, per pack comes with 10 rolls. Our products are made by fresh chicken minced and marinated it with good sources of five-spice powder and wrapped with bean curd sheets. Thus, the juicy chicken meat with rich of five-spice flavour will let you have a next-level taste of Lor Bak.



: 500g +/-


: Penang, Malaysia

Halal Certified

: Non Halal


Cooking Method

The best way to serve a chicken Lor Bak is to fry it with cooking oil. The method is as follow:

  1. Defrost and remove from packaging.
  2. Make sure it is totally defrost and try to dry the Lor Bak as much as you can.
  3. Heat up your wok and pour in cooking oil enough to cover the Lor Bak.
  4. Put in Lor Bak and deep fried over medium heat until it turns golden brown.
  5. Drain it with paper towel and it is ready to serve.
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